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Bookings may be made directly online. A booking confirmation will be sent to you following with details for payment of your deposit to secure the booking



Rural Accommodation Considerations

Please understand that we are a rural property and as such you may experience rural sights, sounds and smells during your stay. We have cats, dogs and horses, all of whom you may come across during your stay. We believe that this all adds to the enjoyment and authenticity of your stay but if you have a deep aversion to dirt, perhaps some mud or dust, the occasional rural odour, the  chance of stepping in something unmentionable or if you are offended by over-friendly animals or a few seasonal flies then perhaps consider whether High View is the right destination for your holiday prior to booking.

NO SMOKING inside any of our Cottages or Lodges and not in any area under the roof of the arena/ stables building or any other building.

Payment Policy

We require a 50% deposit to secure all bookings (except those made at the very last minute). Please do not assume your booking is guaranteed until this deposit has been paid and receipted. The final balance for all accommodation invoices is due on arrival or prior.


Any cancellation of bookings must be made at least seven days prior to check in to avoid payment of a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations within the permitted time frame will receive a full refund of the deposit paid. Later cancellations will only have their deposit refunded in extreme circumstances or if the booking can be filled at late notice.


There inherent risks with having children present around horses and horse activities, both for the children and for the riders of horses unused to the particular pitch that children can use to communicate and the speed with which they can move! Please instruct your children on the following rules for their own safety and for the comfort and enjoyment of all our valued clients.

We ask that all children under the age of 12 be supervised by an adult at all times around the entire interior of the arena and stable buildings and around the carpark/ float/ yard area to the front of the arena. Children are welcome to explore our property within the designated walking tracks and laneways between paddocks with the exclusion of these two areas.

Guests are not permitted to enter any paddocks, stables or riding areas where horses are kept.

Pet Policy

We welcome well behaved dogs to our property as we are firm believers that pets are part of the family and why should they miss out when you go on holiday? We can not permit cats to accompany our guests.

We do ask you to understand that we have other guests staying in the cottages who may dislike pets in their homes. Our furnishings and interiors are of a standard that we want to maintain and so it is vital that pet owners abide by our policy to ensure that the comfort and quality of stay for all of our guests is attended to.

  • Pets must be in general good health, be currently vaccinated and be free of fleas and intestinal worms.
  • We can only accommodate a maximum of two large or four small dogs per cottage or lodge. Please discuss your requirements with us if you are at all concerned.
  • Whilst walking around our property dogs must be kept on leash for the comfort and safety of other guests, our own animals and visiting horses. During quiet times when we have fewer guests and clients around, some off leash exercise may be permitted (once the chickens have gone to bed!!). We will advise you of off leash areas and policies when you arrive.
  • Pets are allowed inside the cottages and lodges but must remain on the floor, not on the furniture or beds.
  • Please bring your pets own bedding, food bowls and ‘tidy bags’
  • Pets must not be left alone inside the cottages or lodges, please take them with you. Please discuss with us if there is somewhere you want to visit where pets are not allowed.
  • Kindly pick up your dogs droppings around the property and whilst out and about on our local beaches and walking trails.
  • Please wash and towel dry or brush off your pets before entering the cottages or flats after trips to the beach or if they get grubby around the farm (rolling in unmentionable things!!)

We try very hard to accommodate your dogs in the most practical and comfortable manner possible and provide lots of useful info in your accommodation booklet regarding local dog friendly beaches and walks. If you have any special requests for your pet please do not hesitate to discuss these with us at your time of booking, we’ll do everything we can to help!


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