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About Our Family

Steve and I (Sonja) moved to Warrnambool with our two girls in January 2012 from our smaller property in Northern NSW.

Steve grew up in Warrnambool so returning here was a homecoming of sorts and I felt at home right away. Steve’s Dutch parents were one of the first Dutch families to settle in Warrnambool after the war and they and their 9 children became ingrained in the local community over the following years.

I hail from the UK where I got my degree in Equine Science before traveling to the USA and working as an intern for Kentucky Equine Research at their nutrition research facility in Kentucky. I arrived in Australia in 2000, began working for the Australian branch of KER and met Steve shortly after in Melbourne. That, as they say, was that and like countless other ‘pommies’ I decided to ditch my home across the water and began calling Australia home.

We discovered that High View was for sale about half way through our first year living in Warrnambool and could see its potential right away.

Our daughters, Lily and Amelia don’t yet realise how lucky they are to be growing up here, and with all the chores we have in store for them it may be a few years before they really see the benefits of living on a working horse complex!

Steve has committed to working mostly away from home for the moment to enable us to reach some of our financial goals and make the improvements we have planned for the property. Although he is only here briefly and occasionally, he still has plenty of input into how we do things and get’s allocated all the ‘big jobs’ for his few days ‘holiday’ from work.

Our family love to wake up here. I love the physical work I’m faced with every day, not least the time I get to spend with my horses and introducing my children to the joy of them. I love the busyness of being a mum/ business owner/ wife/ everything else and get a kick out of each little improvement we make to our property. We hope you will love it as much as we do!


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